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What are pre-rolls?

Pre-rolls are ready-to-smoke joints. They consist of cannabis flower rolled into rolling papers, typically with a filter or crutch at one end.

Why try pre-rolls?

Pre-rolled joints offer a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy cannabis. There’s no need to worry about grinding, rolling, or packing your joints – everything is done for you, saving time and effort. Additionally, pre-rolls provide consistency in terms of dosage and rolling quality, so you can lean on them for a reliable and enjoyable smoking experience every time.

What kinds of pre-rolls are available in New York?

Single pre-rolls

These are pre-rolled joints sold individually, perfect for those who want to sample various strains without purchasing a larger quantity of flower at once.

Multi-pack pre-rolls

The Plant offers multi-pack options ranging from two to ten pre-roll packs, catering to both frequent consumers and those who prefer to stock up. Multi-packs provide convenience and value for customers looking to purchase in bulk.

Infused pre-rolls

Enhanced with additional concentrates like kief, hash, or oil, infused pre-rolls deliver heightened potency and an intensified experience compared to traditional joints.

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Cannabis Pre-Roll FAQs

Pre-rolls come in various sizes. The two most common sizes include 0.5 grams of cannabis per joint and 1 gram of cannabis per joint. Some brands, like Miss Grass, offer slightly smaller, 0.4 gram pre-rolled joints.

Find the perfect pre-roll for your next session. Some of the brands you’ll find on The Plant’s menu include:

  • dank. by definition
  • Drew Martin
  • Florist Farms
  • FlowerHouse
  • Heady Tree
  • Hepworth
  • Hudson Cannabis
  • Lobo
  • MFNY
  • Miss Grass
  • Packwoods

Pre-rolled blunts are not available for sale in New York, but you can buy flower and hemp wraps from The Plant and roll your own.

You can buy up to 3 ounces of cannabis flower, or 85 grams, per visit.

The cost of pre-rolls fluctuates based on brand, strain, potency, and packaging size, among other factors. For instance, brands like Nanticoke offer half-gram pre-rolls for around $15 each. Multi-pack options, such as those provided by The Honeybee Collective, might contain several bundled pre-rolls, offering 5 grams’ worth of pre-rolled cannabis fro around $65.

  • Keep pre-rolls in a cool, dark place. Storing them away from light and heat prevents pre-rolls from drying out or losing potency. Excessive exposure to light and heat can degrade the quality of the cannabis.
  • Use an airtight container. Airtight containers block excess humidity that can make pre-rolls soggy and difficult to smoke. This helps maintain freshness and prevents odors from escaping, too.
  • Handle with care. Handle pre-rolls gently to avoid crushing or damaging them. Rough handling can lead to a less enjoyable smoking experience.

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